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Somerset Eel Conference 2024

Here you can find everything you need to know about the speakers at our 2024 Eel Conference, taking place in Glastonbury on the 5th July. Please come and join us!

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Dr. Willem Decker - Leading Eel Academic

From pest to protected – an account of the development of protection policies for the European eel. 


Andy Don - eel expert and Environment Agency employee

A fishery research project about tracking the travel and migration of the European Eel.

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Image by Brandon


Professor Mark Everard - Author, Scientist & Broadcaster

The diverse needs of different fishes, 
including eels, and how these are met by wetlands and the wider ecological needs and how these have been hampered by landscape conversion.


Simon Phelps - Senior Adviser, Natural England

 An overview of the Somerset Eel Working Group.

Image by Tengyart
Image by Jongsun Lee


Jane Brookhouse - Avalon Marshes Project Manager

Somerset Wildlife Trust will be carrying out some work on eels in the 
Brue Valley over the next few months and are happy to update the 
conference on progress to date.


Julia Manning - Artist & Printmaker

 An overview of Julia's The Decline of Eels project.

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Andrew Kerr - Chairman, Sustainable Eel Group

Combating eel trafficking - the 
largest wildlife crime of a living creature on the planet. 


Hannah Strode - Eels in the Classroom Project Co-ordinator

The adventures and wonder of bringing 59 tanks of elvers into 
classrooms across Somerset.

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Mike Baltzer- Executive Director, SHOAL

The 1000 Fishes Initiative: global 
action for 1000 of the world’s most 
endangered fishes.


 Dr Laura Weldon - Molecular Ecologist, Founder of The eDNA Consultancy

The detection and monitoring of low 
abundance European eel (Anguilla anguilla) populations in inland freshwater locations using environmental DNA.

Image by Louis Reed
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Dan Britton - Regenerative Farmer, Plotgate Community Farm

Water Meadows - an ecological renaissance of regenerative ecosystems, supporting eel recovery. 


 Geoff Carss- Founder and CEO of Wilder Sensing & SERP colleague

The Somerset Eel Recovery Project story so far, with some exclusive film footage from Verity White and out future plans.

SERP Ropes
Image by Gary Bendig


Abigail Mackay - Wetland Bioscience Team Researcher, WWT

Identifying the presence of Anguilla 
anguilla in the Somerset levels using eDNA.


 Emily Ostler- Environmental Advocate and Writer

Eels: Lessons on Shapeshifting.



Alexander Barty - SEG and Upcoming PhD Student

This lecture pays credence to nuance, exposing traces of historic human￾eel relations in our inherited context. Productive readings of space and 
place will offer solace in a world of rapid socio-economic change.

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