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A warm welcome to Hannah

We are excited to introduce Hannah— a pioneering educator with the skill and the expertise who has the enthusiasm and the attention to detail required to join our friendly team. Fresh from her role as a primary school teacher, she's currently setting out her plans to take our 'Eels in the Classroom' project to the next level, amplifying its impact across the county.

While the Somerset Eel Recovery Project's initiative had already established itself in Wedmore as a prime example of hands-on learning and environmental stewardship, Hannah's vision promises to take it to new horizons. With her boundless enthusiasm and keen eye for innovation, she looks to expand the program's reach by introducing additional tanks in classrooms throughout the county.

Hannah's inspiration stems from a profound love for nature and the outdoors—a connection that echoes through every aspect of her work, which demonstrates reverence and respect for the environment. She envisions a future where every student has the opportunity to engage with and learn from the natural world, fostering a deeper understanding of delicate local ecosystems and instilling a sense of responsibility for their preservation.

By reaching out to new schools and organisations, Hannah aims to provide students from less prosperous or environmentally conscious parts of the county the same opportunities for hands-on learning and exploration. Through close observation and care for their aquatic friends, students not only learn about the fascinating life cycle of the European eel but also develop important skills in responsibility, empathy, and environmental stewardship.

But Hannah's ambitions extend beyond the classroom walls. With a collaborative spirit and a knack for building partnerships, she seeks to engage local communities, conservation organisations, and government agencies in supporting the expansion of the program. Together, they work towards a shared vision of empowering the next generation of environmental leaders.

In Hannah, we see the transformative power of passion and dedication. Through her tireless efforts, she paves the way for a future where environmental education thrives, and future generations can connect with nature in meaningful and impactful ways.


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